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Orange arrow Waterproof Micro-Poly

  Waterproof Micro-Poly is not your typical waterproof fabric. We have created a fabric that is waterproof, yet breathable by using the latest, advanced fabric technology. GTM's waterproof micro-poly warm-up feature an all-weather shell, designed to repel wind and water, keeping you warm and dry.You ...
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Orange arrow Poly Tricot

  Poly Tricot fabric has a flexible construction allowing for ease of movement. Soft to the touch, it will become one of your favorite fabrics in our line. This fabric is wrinkle resistant and has a smooth finish so you always look your best. The flexibility and softness eliminates the noisy swish so...
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Orange arrow Can I mix and match jacket and pants?

  Yes! We recommend that you stay within the same fabric family, but you can mix and match sizes, jacket and pant styles.Our wide variety of warm-ups allows you to create a unique look and build team unity. We recommend pairing a jacket and pantfrom the same fabric type to ensure the color and textur...
Orange arrow What embellishment color matches my garment best?

  If ordering online, choose the color option that looks the closest on your screen. In your design notes, include a note asking the artist to confirm your color choice and/or utilize the colors that match your garment. You will then receive an artwork approval email with an image of your design. Yo...

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