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Orange arrow Can I reorder items with artwork I used in the past?

  Yes! We save all of your artwork on file for you to make reorders quick and easy. Just let us know which one you want to use and we will produce it! Previously used designs do not require an artworkapproval and will be produced as last approved, so any changes will need to be entered as a new desig...
Orange arrow Screen Print or Digital Printing?

  When considering ways to add artwork to a garment, there are multiple processes to choose from. Two common processes are digital printing and screen printing. But what are the differences between the two? Screen Printing: Screen printing is the more traditional process because it has been arou...
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Orange arrow Can I use my own design?

  Yes, we can feature your personal design on a product. There is a $30, one-time, set up fee for custom artwork.Setup fees for 3 or more art designs are $25 each with a maximum cost of $150.Template art setups are free for the art placement and $15 for additional designs.For more information about c...
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Orange arrow Can I change the colors, words, or mascot in a design? Is there an additional fee?

  Our templates can be customized to fit your needs without additional fees. We have thousands of customizable templates that can match your team name, colors and mascot. View our online templates here. GTM’s innovative online design tool is great for designing a custom look. To have a member ...
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Orange arrow UltraFuse

  Create a unique team look with bold, bright colors in our UltraFuse line's standout designs. What is UltraFuse? UltraFuse is a dye sublimation technology in which colors, designs and logos are heat infused directly into the fabric. UltraFuse i s made with a lightweight and breathable fabric for th...
Orange arrow What is digital printing?

  Digital printing is a relatively new process for adding your artwork to a garment. The artwork is created and processed on a computer and then printed directly on the product. The process is very similar to a traditional inkjet printer in the way the ink is applied directly to the surface of the ga...
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Orange arrow Can I ʺBlingʺ out my items?

  Champion Teamwear offers a wide range of embellishment options. We'd love to help you bling out your gear with any of our processes. We recommend these options for t-shirts, hoodies, tanks, and shorts: Sequin Dots Neon Studs Premium Glitter Rhinestones Sequin Gloss (only valid on Ultrafuse It...
Orange arrow Does Champion Teamwear charge to set up artwork?

  Champion Teamwear offers free art setups when you customize one of our templates. The first template is free, but if you choose to set up multiple templates for the same placement, there will be a $15 charge for each. There is a one-time set up fee of $30 for custom artwork. We can digitize your c...
Orange arrow Can I customize my items?

  Absolutely! GTM offers a large selection of decoration options to help you customize your items. Click here to view our different decoration types....
Orange arrow UltraFuse Patterns & Lookbooks

  Create a unique team look with bold, bright colors in our standout UltraFuse sublimated designs. Click here to view our Lookbooks which includes all of our full sublimation patterns and color options....
Orange arrow Can I get a link to all the templates, mascots, and fonts?

  GTM has a large library of templates and pre-set designs to choose from and customize. Our design library will show you templates in different processes and well as different color variations....
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Orange arrow How much does it cost to decorate my item?

  The prices in our catalog and on our website are for blank items only and do not include the cost of artwork. We offer affordable pricing and quantity discounts on item decoration. Your cost is depended on the decoration process and quantity ordered. There are normally quantity pricing matrixes at ...
Orange arrow Can I mix and match jacket and pants?

  Yes! We recommend that you stay within the same fabric family, but you can mix and match sizes, jacket and pant styles.Our wide variety of warm-ups allows you to create a unique look and build team unity. We recommend pairing a jacket and pantfrom the same fabric type to ensure the color and textur...
Orange arrow Where can I place artwork on my item?

  Depending on the product you choose, we can decorate your item in different locations. Each item has specific placement guidelines. Please reach out to one of our sales reps for more information on the specific garment you're wanting to add artwork to....
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Orange arrow Is there a minimum number of items needed to order?

  GTM does not require minimums on any decorated or blank orders. Your artwork charges will differ based on quantity ordered at a given time. If you are ordering semi-custom UltraFuse, there is a minimum of 6 per pattern....

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