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Orange arrow Is there a minimum number of garments that I need to order on the TeamStore®?

  There is no minimum order size when ordering from a TeamStore®. TeamStore also offers Free Shipping once the Order Subtotal hits $100....
Orange arrow How do I create a TeamStore®?

  See attachment for a customer friendly version of this page with pictures. Go to our TeamStore® webpage, Click the "Register" button on the top right hand corner Create a login using your first and last name along with an email and password of your choice...
Orange arrow What is TeamStore®?

  Use TeamStore® to create a custom online store that sells products specifically created for your team, organization or event. GTM will handle the payments and deliver products directly to the customers who order them. Your TeamStore® will stay open as long as you like, and customers can ac...
Orange arrow What are the system requirements for a Coach's Assistant locker room?

  Your store is 100% web-based. All you need is a computer with an internet connection....
Orange arrow Who has access to my locker room?

  Your locker room can be protected with an access code. Using Coach’s Assistant, email the code to anyone you would like to have access to the team locker room....
Orange arrow What is the difference between a locker room and a locker?

  Create a separate locker room for all of your teams, with each locker room having a unique online storefront. Within each locker room, you can organize products by creating multiple lockers. Create a locker for athletes' uniforms, one for coaches' polos or even a locker for parents....
Orange arrow What is Coach's Assistant?

  Use Coach's Assistant to create a custom online locker room that sells all the products your team members need for the upcoming season. Since each team member orders his or her own gear through Coach's Assistant, you don't have to keep track of every team member's size or handle payments.Coach's As...
Orange arrow How and when will I receive money raised through my store or locker room?

  If you use Coach's Assistant, you will receive a check for the total profit made from your locker's sales 30 days after the bulk shipment of all the orders leaves our facility. If you use TeamStore®, you will receive a check for your profits every month the store is open as long as the total i...
Orange arrow How do I contact TeamStore® support?

  Click on Contact Us to contact our TeamStore support team. Call: 877.566.1846 Send us a message here: Contact Us...
Orange arrow What are the system requirements for a TeamStore®?

  Your store is 100% web-based. All you need is a computer with an internet connection.....

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